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Celtic Tiger - Hho X Cell manufacture Ireland
Celtic Tiger - Hho X Cell manufacture Ireland
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HHO Kit 2018 Kit Hho for car €39 - HHO Fuel Saver Truth and Lie!

HHO kit hho €39 - HHO Fuel Saver Truth - Clean drive

The Truth about HHO Fuel Saver by Plus HHO UK Gibraltar Portugal France US Canada Australia Austria powered by a battery is a total thermodynamic fraud and enrichment for own profit!

You can recover fuel up to 30% or more, only! SAVE FUEL and RESTORE FUEL consumption are two different things!

Oxy-Hydrogen from Water without hydrogen storage is best as zero emission engine carbon cleaner even HHO generator is with EFIE HEC CHIP and PWM for fuel control.

If anyone says EFIE HEC CHIP is for HHO KIT as Fuel Saver, he is a liar or total idiot!

EFIE HEC CHIP device is just for reducing fuel down to factory settings because when is used HHO gas, oxygen sensors (lambda) is detecting new clean oxygen produced from burning hydrogen in the combustion chamber in the exhaust.

After using HHO gas you can protect our environment and the children health with extra benefits as is restoring engine performance, restoring fuel consumption and producing fresh O2.

Why can you not save fuel with HHO generator Plus HHO gas which is powered by fuel/engine/alternator to the battery?

Read more or watch a video with John Cadogan - Auto Expert on Thermodynamic Law and HHO fuel saver scammers - HERE!